In one of the biggest updates for one of the best time sucking software out there, Google Earth has gotten better and more organized than ever before!

The latest update adds a feature to the virtual globe called “Voyager,” which allows you to take Google Earth from random visiting and clicking on places to fully organized and curated journey across the globe’s most “must visit” places.

Each voyage is a theme, for example, “Museums Around the World” will comprise of the Street View of 28 museums from around the globe, starting from the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid and ending at The Metropolitan Art Museum in New York City.

If you are more in a scenic beauty mood, the “Earth View” will show you,

“the most striking and enigmatic landscapes available in Google Earth.”

Throughout the journey, each location comes with a blip informing about the landmark on the screen. Some places even have 360° video content, while many others have related YouTube videos.

So if you are looking for a vacation spot, it’s best to open that Google Earth app and take a virtual tour of the greatest landmarks and attractions of a city before you seal the deal.

And if you are bored in the office and simply want to kill some time (guilty as charged), open up the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature which will take you a random yet interesting location on the globe and accompany it with a description from Wikipedia.

The latest update has also made Google Earth a download only program which can be in access from any computer with Google Chrome.

Watch Google Earth’s announcement video below.

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