Engineer is the Annual Technical Symposium of NITK Surathkal and is one of the largest of its kind in India. Started in 2005 as an amalgamation of many technical fests held in NITK Surathkal by its various student clubs, Engineer has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. It is held over 4 days in the second half of the month of October and has consistently attracted participants from all over India. A Penrose Triangle is used as its logo with the tagline ‘Think.Create.Engineer’.

Dates: 20th – 23rd October 2016

In its previous editions, Engineer brought organizations such as CERN, MIT Media and Bell labs while catering to a participation pool of over 6000 students from 150 colleges across 65 countries.

Many technical and entrepreneurship events are held during the fest, including quizzes, Coding marathons, RC car racing and the like. These are broadly classified into various Branch Events. Apart from this, Workshops in a variety of fields are also held. To highlight the social responsibility of Engineers, social/environmental awareness initiatives are undertaken under the banner of SCE (Socially Conscious Engineering). Technites is another major attraction, showcasing the beauty of technology after dark.

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